Deluxe Electric Adjustable Base


StandUp Standing Desk Collection

Avoid the Harmful Long-Term Effects of Too Much Time Sitting! Health authorities recommend changing posture from sitting to standing position throughout the day to avoid the harmful long-term effects of too much sitting. OfficeSource® Height Adjustable Tables are easy, quick and quiet to operate and offer the optimal vertical range to accommodate people of all sizes. Choose Adjustable Height Base – 4 to Choose From: (A) Deluxe Electric – Regular (B) Corner (Corner for L Workstations) (C) Pneumatic Gas Lift (D) Crank Lift. Choose A Top Style – 3 To Choose From in Various Sizes: 1. Rectangular – Square 2. Rectangular – Beveled Edge 3. Porkchop Top w/Return Top (Combined Creates “L” Workstation)

Environmentally Friendly

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